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"As a senior in high school, I was completely overwhelmed by the process of applying to and choosing a college.  I had so much anxiety and fear about leaving home and moving forward into the next stage of my life.  Hilary was my student coach, support system and biggest cheerleader during that transitory time.  We worked together to create a plan for completing my applications on time.  Hilary also guided me in writing an essay that portrayed my true self.  I was accepted into my desired schools and I maintain a relationship with Hilary today.  I would highly recommend working with Hilary because she brings a fresh perspective and a caring approach to the obstacle at hand.  I am now a senior in college and I am so thankful that Hilary's student coaching helped give me achieve a wonderful college experience."

"Coaching was beneficial to me in many personal ways.  Communicating with my life coach , allowed me to fix many of my bad habits and helped me accomplish many goals I thought I would never have come around to completing.   I have been very unorganized with balancing my schoolwork and events and activities from outside clubs. My life coach taught me how to manage my time wisely and take time for prioritizing. With her help, I began to better manage my time and trust my scheduling to go as planned. Also, my life coach helped me with various personal issues such as roommate, parents, health issues that I have dealt with throughout this semester. I also learned such   interviewing skills and  got support in getting an internship. My life coach challenged my determination to reach my goals to become a better person.  I also became self aware that I am more determined to succeed than I thought. I am highly involved on campus and at the same time keeping my GPA decent. I learned about my many strengths and weaknesses and what I can do to improve myself.  I would definitely recommend Hilary to any student who wants to put their future goals into action.  I realized the high expectations I should have for myself. Thank you,Hilary!" 


"Student Coaching really gave me direction.  As a senior at the University of Virginia, and I was having a difficult time deciding on a career path, among other things.  Hilary helped me not only by supporting me in my goals, but by guiding me to identify goals that are truly important to me.  After our sessions, I felt more confident, determined, free, and self-expressed."


"Working with Hilary has been an incredible experience.  She has really helped me to have more integrity around my word and my actions.  This has altered (in a good way) the dynamic of my relationships. Hilary is a master at goal setting and accountability.  I now set daily intentions and really try to live into those throughout the course of my day.  She has helped me to focus on my long term goals and take baby steps (my intentions) that are very attainable on a daily basis.  It is so simple and manageable, yet I am moving along on my path towards what I really want. Thank you, Hilary, for all of your wisdom, support, guidance and love!"


“My time spent working with Hilary was to put it mildly, a learning experience. From the minute we started coaching she was enthusiastic and compassionate! She helped me organize my life into manageable sections and plan intelligent short and long term goals for both my professional and personal life. Hilary helped me work through the stress of college and see the "light at the end of the tunnel." Together we tackled homework and and social life, career choices and academic motivation. When I needed perspective, Hilary gave it to me. Perhaps Hilary's best asset is her ability to help others see alternative ways to address problems. I never once regretted working with Hilary and she deserves credit for my success. With her help I have been able to succeed as a student and as a person. Thanks to her I will graduate with numerous awards and accomplishments beside my name. She is truly a wonderful person and an excellent advisor and confidant.”