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Student Life Coaching

Do you ever wish that you could do better, get your 
work done on time and without problems and hassles? 

 Do you feel like you have tried everything and are stuck in a losing battle?

 Well, you can move to the next level of  accomplishment ...

 And it does not have to be difficult.   

Using our methods, you can cultivate ease and certainty, 

 and produce results that reflect your personal best.   



Among other things, you will:   

 focus your attention, improve your study skills, 

 get a hold of of time management,  sharpen interpersonal communications, 

 develop new strategies as you identify your goals and values.    


The Basic Components   

You will have conversations with your coach which will allow you
to start implementing new study skills and habits. 

But these won’t just be standardized methods or strategies. 

They will be tailored to your real life experience of school and work, 

friend and family life, work, and extra-curricular activities. 

You will discover your strengths and 

implement personalized methods and strategies, 

as you harness your energy towards your goals and desires.   


Student Coaching begins with an

Initial ASK ANYTHING Session. 

We talk about you, your habits and your interests. 

We have a conversation about what you like, what you do not like, and where you excel. 

In this session we identify the important aspects of how you learn, 

in addition to examining your overall response to  the educational experience. 

We come up with some areas of focus that will create  more ease and flow in your life. 

I become your partner in your commitment to keeping promises at a whole new level. 

 Then we continue with those areas throughout the rest of the sessions.   




Your Values: The Classroom of Life 

What do you value most in life? 

We will uncover how  your values affect  your productivity.


Prioritizing and Productivity 

We examine how you use your time. 

We streamline and define your plan for academic tasks, projects 

and extra curricular activities.
We assess the “now” and prepare  for your future. 


What areas of weakness  are getting

in the way of success ?

Is it  organizing projects, or reading?

Research paper writing or note taking? Math? Computer ? Spanish? 

Together, we determine what is in the way, and then 

develop  strategies and actions to become a stronger learner.   


Synthesis: Reflect and Review Progress 

We look at what is working and what needs adjustment, then act accordingly. 

Each week we review all previous work, accountability promises, 

and issues that came up during the week.   


This is an important aspect of our coaching process.   

Each week we review the promises that you made to yourself.
Each day during the week, you 
The Student
report to me The Coach, via text and email. 

You, the Student, are using me, the Coach, as your  Wall Of Integrity

You have a partner. A Listener. A Collaborator.  --No judgments, no grades. 

This is to serve you,  as we discover what has been
in the way of you 
accomplishing your objectives, 

and we allow for new productive patterns of accomplishment to emerge.     


Get started today with an introductory consultation.