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About Hilary

Hilary Ben-Ami is a certified teacher and a CoachU trained Life Coach. 

She has been teaching for eighteen years in both the public and private sector. 
She has worked with  organizations such as Cunard, Young President's Organization (YPO),
American Illustration and University of New Haven. Her coaching clients include
students, professionals and artists. Hilary has appeared on national radio, in Time and
HealthyLife magazines, and her student coaching was featured in the Danbury News-Times.

The synthesis of her education in transformational seminars on one hand, and traditional academic endeavors
on the other, has resulted in a coaching program that develops new perspectives and improved skill-sets for her clients. 
Her approach is designed to expand learning ability, to open up interpersonal communication  and  to achieve results
aligned with each of her clients' desires. Hilary has a master's degree in education, is a certified hypnotherapist,
a certified yoga instructor and exhibited photographer. 

Her mission is to improve the quality of life for the individual in the world of school, home, and work;
through expanding self-expression, mindful living and creative autonomy.


Phone appointments are local, national and international, by appointment.

Call (203) 241-0155 for more information.


Hours: By Appointment

In-person meetings are predetermined by coach and client.

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